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What To Do After An Accident

Personal Injury Accidents in Georgia

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1. Get Medical Attention – This is obvious too often people tell me they think they'll just wait it out until the soreness goes away. Many times they will wait too long and then because there was an initial gap in treatment, it becomes harder to prove the injury was caused by the car wreck and not something else. Be safe and go to ANY doctor whether it's the ER if it's an emergency or even your family chiropractor that you trust. It's important to memorialize that initial treatment that establishes your injuries were in fact caused by the wreck. Then of course… Follow up with Doctor for treatment.

2. Take Photos/Videos of Everything – Insurance adjusters, judges, opposing lawyers, and especially juries are impacted by video and pictures. Visually document all property damage to your vehicle, your injuries, bruises, scars, the scene of the accident, and certainly the other car that hit you. It's hard to get photos of cars if you are taken away in an ambulance. If your car is towed away then when you go to a tow yard, try and see if the other car is there and get photographs. There is no such thing as too many pictures in a personal injury case. If you take road side video that could be helpful as well.

3. Gather Information - After a wreck, a victim might need to make a claim or even file a lawsuit against the person at fault. Gathering their car and insurance information will make things much easier initially. Furthermore, an accident victim needs to know if there are witnesses and their contact details as well as whether anyone had the incident recorded. Much of this can be attained from the police report, but detailed work on your own part is always helpful.

4. Write Everything Down - write down everything you can think of - not limited to: your pain levels, what hurts, specific injuries, treatment timeline and the name of each medical provider, the medications you are taking, witnesses names and contact information. If you think it's important than write it down.

5. Delegate - In one second your life was turned upside down. Lean on those around you for all of these action items. Making an insurance claim against an adverse party or for your own health insurance benefits is incredibly stressful, especially when you're trying to recover and get your life back. This leads into my next point of why hiring an injury lawyer is so helpful – much of the administrative burden is delegated to their staff while they put together your case.

6. Call a Lawyer – It costs nothing to talk to an injury lawyer. We only get paid if we win your case and we only want to take your case if we think we can provide value to the client. I tell some potential clients that it does not make sense to retain my services for some very minor injuries where they almost instantly made a full recovery. The good lawyers are very candid about the value they can provide a client that is hurt. Generally speaking – I believe that if a victim has ANY lingering or chronic pain after an accident, they should hire a lawyer.

7. Stay off Social Media - Oor at the very least be very cautious about what is posted. I can promise that the other side will certainly be looking at a Plaintiff's social media accounts. If you are complaining about neck pain, don't post selfies of you getting on a roller coaster. The same goes for me – on every case we do intake on, we try our best to find the Defendant on social media. On one case, I found out a Defendant was hammered at the time of the wreck because she posted all over her Facebook just 30 minutes before the wreck. The insurance company went from denying liability to paying the maximum instantly.

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