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First Gen American Alex Martinez on His Unlikely Path to Conquering the LSAT and Law School

Born to immigrant parents in Downtown Los Angeles, Alex Martinez has demonstrated resilience and a strong work ethic, finding his way, discovering his passions, and building his career into what it is today. Scoring in the top 1/4 of his class, Alex is excelling in his second semester of law school at Georgia State University. Alex discusses LSAT study habits and how many hours you need to put in to really succeed. Do not quit if your scores are not where you want them to be! With effective study habits, it is possible to improve your scores substantially. Tune in for no BS real advice from a law student and a practicing attorney.

For the last eight years, Alex has been Paisley Law's top paralegal and office manager. He is a true example of someone who recognizes that we are never static in life; we are either moving forward or we are regressing. Follow Alex's story on how he is moving forward. 

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