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The Injury Case Playbook

The Injury Case Playbook / James L. Paisley

The Injury Case Playbook is the step-by-step guide to winning your injury case. This is the book any lawyer needs that is starting their personal injury practice and wants to shorten the learning curve on learning the intricacies of injury and wrongful death law. The bonus appendix includes some of the most common forms used in every day practice. The topics include intake processes, legal notices to parties, types of cases, gathering evidence, writing demands, negotiation, and then lien resolution.

The Playbook wasn't just written for lawyers. I have sent this book to law firms wanting to use the book as a training guide to lawyers and paralegals that are new to personal injury. It is also easy enough to understand for laypersons wanting to learn about what is happeing in their case.

Jim Paisley (along with R. Alex Martinez) wrote this book because because when he started injury law over 10 years ago, he wondered what it would look like if there was a book that laid out the basics of personal injury in a step-by-step manner with actual real life examples of the law and processes with actual case facts. This is that book. A guide book without actual tools to get started is useless, so Jim Paisley included the form bank in the appendix. Some forms are more generic, and others are more tailored to specific clients that our firm represented. 

Jim Paisley's hope in writing this is that newer lawyers will learn the stages and steps involved with effective representation. There are dozens of pro-tips in the Playbook that will improve outcomes, avoid pitfalls, and create a more enriching attorney-client experience. We hope you enjoy this legal guide to winning injury cases!

The hard copy can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the publisher, Booklogix

The ebook is absolutely FREE by clicking on The Injury Case Playbook - A start to finish guide on winning your injury case.

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Legal Industry Praise for the Injury Case Playbook

A good playbook should be accessible and easy to understand.  Jim lays out the basics so the new personal injury lawyer will have a foundation to handle his or her first PI case.  I wish I had all this information in one place when I started out.

-Michael Neff, Author of Premises Liability:  A Guide to Success and Advanced Premises Liability: A Guide through Trial.

Jim has made an important contribution to help aspiring personal injury lawyers develop their craft.  I'm grateful for his willingness to share lessons and practices, to give the next generation of budding trial lawyers a firm footing to start their own journeys.  People are bombarded daily by flashy nonsense about personal injury law on the web, TV, and billboards.  In contrast, it's encouraging to read The Injury Case Playbook, as Jim freely shares the drive and skills that really make a good plaintiff lawyer.  

-Alan Hamilton, Founder of Shiver & Hamilton, LLC

The Injury Case Playbook
shows you the basics of each type of case, what to look for, what to avoid, and each step along the way that will guide you from the beginning of a case to the end. This book will drastically shorten the learning curve for those that want to know how to approach injury cases. It is the perfect primer for anyone who is thinking of following Jim's footsteps to start taking on injury cases or for the non-attorney wanting to understand the anatomy of an injury or wrongful death case. 

-Michael  Goldberg, Founder of Fried Goldberg, L.L.C and Author of Understanding Motor Carrier Claims , 5th Edition

As a divorce and family law attorney inexperienced in personal injury law, this book answers the question “where do I start?” If you're looking to break into personal injury law, this book is a must read: Jim gives a roadmap of injury law that would take years for an attorney to learn on his or her own. 

-Aaron Thomas, Founder of Aaron Thomas Law and

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