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3a law management CEO on Branding, Referrals, and Tracking Metrics

Marketing Guru and 3a. law management CEO Alvaro Arauz discusses all things legal marketing including branding, referrals, paid and organic strategies, and tracking success. Tackle the subject of how boutique firms and sole practitioners can compete against billboard firms with seemingly uncapped budgets. What's more effective: SEO or paid ads? Client referrals or attorney referrals? How effective are non-exclusive lead gens? What percentage of leads should be getting signed up as cases?


2:00 College in Paris 

3:10 USF  

3:35 Studying Medicine in Brazil 

5:20 Studying English Lit at Cambridge 

6:10 Entering into the legal industry 

11:30 Moving to Atlanta 

14:00 Teaching at University of Georgia School of Law

16:25 Starting 3a 2007 

20:55 Company taking off by 3rd year 

27:55 Track your metrics 

31:20 Build the machine 

34:00 Referrals  

42:00 Organic, SEO, content creation 

45:10 Non-exclusive lead gens 

48:00 Realistic expectations for internet leads 

50:40 The client experience 

53:35 Branding – be consistent! 

58:00 Best and worst swag giveaways 

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