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Paisley Law is a law firm that recognizes the intricacies of each case and the pitfalls that can occur if a lawyer is not well versed in personal injury and wrongful death claims. It is our responsibility to be a resource in the community for other lawyers. Our firm didn't grow alone without signifcant help from the legal community and we routinely give everything we know and the resources to those that need it. We ask nothing in return and all of this informartion is free. This page includes our guides and forms that will shorten the learning curve for any lawyer in the early stages of their injury practice.

Laypersons could also use these resources to follow along in their case or to use for themselves if they had a smaller case and wanted to represent themselves (disclaimer: we don't advise this, and always recommend seeking professional advice for the facts in thier cases that applies to the law)

The Injury Case Playbook: A Start to Finish Guide to Winning Your First Injury Case - FREE E-BOOK

The Injury Case Playbook is the step-by-step guide to winning your injury case. This is the book any lawyer needs that is starting their personal injury practice and wants to shorten the learning curve on learning the intricacies of injury and wrongful death law. The bonus appendix includes some of the most common forms used in every day practice. The topics include intake processes, legal notices to parties, types of cases, gathering evidence, writing demands, negotiation, and then lien resolution.

The Playbook wasn't just written for lawyers. I have sent this book to law firms wanting to use the book as a training guide to lawyers and paralegals that are new to personal injury. It is also easy enough to understand for laypersons wanting to learn about what is happeing in their case.

The E-Book is free by requesting it here. A hard copy can be purchased from Amazon. Attorney James Paisley spent the first few years of his practice learning everything by trials and numerous errors. He wrote this book as a quick guide to help other beginning injury lawyers hasten the learning curve instead of learning it as you go and making costly errors at the expense of clients. As Jim Paisley had much help along the way, this book pays all that forward to the attorneys that want to learn this practice the right way. Request the FREE PDF version of the ebook here:

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Index of Forms:

Paisley Law's Index of forms are some of the most commonly used forms to get started on personal injury cases. Mostly driven by the necessity of making sure cases are handled properly from the beginning, these forms start with client intake, and cover everything from notices to all potential parties involved, open record requests, to demands, lien resolution, and the closing table. These forms are free to anyone looking to use these as a guide to their case.

Form Sections:
  • Intake Documents
  • Notices to All Insurers and Parties
  • Demand Templates
  • Lien Resolution
  • Litigation Forms
  • Settlement Forms

Disclaimer: None of these forms are intended to work specifically for your case and all must be modified and tailored to your specific legal matter based on the facts and law in your case. These forms are intended as guides that can be easily modified. Competent legal counsel should always be consulted before using or filing any of these forms. 

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