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Dr. Mark Gordon on Your Best COVID19 Defense and Brain Health

Dr. Mark Gordon's office is in Encino, CA where he specializes in endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism and internal Medicine.Dr. Gordon has been on Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey. He's been a regular Joe Rogan guest. For more knowledge on what Dr. Gordon is doing with military veteran TBI/PTSD victims, go listen to one or more of the Joe Rogan shows: episodes 438, 574, 700, and show #1056. I ran into Dr. Gordon because he was associated with a case I had years ago and while studying how he treated TBI patients, I was compelled to learn as much as I could from him. When you speak to Dr. Gordon you realize first of all that he LOVES what he does, but you also learn a lot really fast. He helped me do some guinea pigging on myself and the results of his protocol have been life changing.In short I think it is safe to say that his practice is built around treating inflammation with supplements and bio identical hormones. Last week - with the advent the COVID 19 pandemic I reached out to Dr. Gordon to see if he had any opinions on how one could best defend themselves against the virus. Of course later that day, he calls my cell phone and he gave me the fire hose explanation on his rationale for giving yourself the best defense. He dumbs it down enough for me and I must say it makes sense.Quick disclaimer – My apologies for the sound quality that blips out for a split second maybe half a dozen times. We couldn't do Zoom because of security concerns, so we did Skype. When COVID19 is over I promise to go back to in person recordings only.

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