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Attorney Aaron Thomas on Divorces, Child Custody, and Domestic Violence During the COVID 19 Pandemic. Know Your Options!!

I've been trying to schedule Aaron Thomas of Aaron Thomas Law (aka ATL) on the Podcast for some time and our schedules finally were able to intersect for a remote Zoom Chat. Aaron is one of those people you only meet a handful of in your lifetime. He grew up in Memphis TN, as a child he was a classically trained pianist, he learned the guitar as well. For college after moving to Atlanta he attended Emory University and followed that by of course going to Harvard for law school. Following that he did non-profit work for some time and worked as a public defender, defending the indigent who were accused of some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Somewhere in there he quit everything and him and his wife for I believe it was 6 months just went to South America and lived out of their backpacks. Eventually upon rejoining us in the States he immersed himself into divorce law.

Divorce law, custody arrangements, alimony, child support, spousal abuse or neglect, pre-nuptial or ante-nuptial agreements are all his specialties. I've seen Aaron handle everything from celebrity divorces to affordable family splits on a budget.

I wanted to ask Aaron personally what he is seeing in his practice with couples that are having problems, but they are stuck with each other because of our forced isolation due to COVID-19 pandemic. Yet I also wanted to know what couples are doing right… even the ones that know they will or are going through a split. Can you even get a divorce when all the courthouses are closed? What if you're in an abusive situation and you feel like you have no way out? Digging deeper – what about alimony, and what you can do to screw up your ability to receive alimony?

He even tells you when the law says you MUST stop sleeping with your spouse that you're trying to divorce. Aaron answers all these questions and his message is clear: no matter what the situation is, you can get help and establish legal solutions to these problems.

Disclaimer: Working the law firm and podcasting from home = the occasional baby cry from downstairs. Enjoy ATL...

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