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Demystifying Sex Therapy and Maintaining Intimacy during COVID-19

Today my guest is Amy Howard. She's a therapist… but not just any therapist – she's a sex therapist. You might wonder what that has to do with my field. I guess my first reaction would be to say what doesn't sex have to do with injury law? One of the most difficult topics to discuss or vent about after one of my clients is seriously injured is how intimacy has changed after their tragic event whether its because of disability, chronic pain, or the stress of caregiving. I also wanted Amy to talk about these issues as they relate to COVID 19 and how this has impacted relationships.

What I love about Amy is that she demystifies and deconstructs sex therapy and makes it almost too easy to talk about. Amy has her bachelor's degree from University of GA, her masters from Auburn University, she specializes in couples therapy, marriage counseling, and of course sex therapy. You can read lots of great material she's written on Educating kids about sex in a healthy way

8:00. Amy Howard background and why she chose sex therapy

12:00. About her practice and what a person is going through that needs Amy.

16:30. Therapy assessments

19:00. Sex therapy misconceptions. Yep there's creepers out there...

20:00. How does therapy differ for couples v. individuals

24:40. Has COVID-19 killed sex???

31:30. What are couples doing that works and does not work & what NOT to do... even if there is no attraction at all...

38:00. Specific action items couples can do immediately to restore some intimacy... a) sensate focus, b) the 6 second kiss, and c) the lengthier hug until your guard drops...

42:50. Is there an optimal amount of sex???

46:46. Amy Howard COVID self care routines

51:20. Amy Howards blogs:

53:00. How to reach Amy: [email protected],

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