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Should I See My Injury Doctor During the Pandemic?

Posted by James Paisley | Dec 29, 2020

Should I See My Injury Doctor During the Pandemic?

Treatment or Hunker Down?


This is a tough one.

The pandemic is real and you want to be responsible in protecting yourself and others but at the same time, you're in pain and you know you need rehabilitative and medical care for your injuries. First, I would say call your doctor and see what they say. If they tell you you need to come in then listen to them always. Your doctor should be able to tell you whether its prudent given your health history, people you are in close contact with, and risk level.

Second - listen to your body and do the cost benefit analysis. If you're in pain and miserable don't stay home and avoid the doctor to the extent it has diminishing returns for your overall health. Most medical offices our clients see are open for business and treating patients just as normal. Word we are getting is most offices have stepped up their sanitation and disinfectant efforts to never before seen levels.

Whatever you do, do not stop treatment without communicating your intention to your doctor or your lawyer. If there are big gaps in treatment then the insurance companies will seize any opportunity, regardless of reason, to poke holes in your case. If you must stop, there are ways to do it without destroying your ability to recover for your injuries. Contact us at 404.618.0960 or [email protected], if you have a question about this.

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